Our expertise in DevOps, cloud and open source technologies is driven by clear processes and modern toolchains that we have built up over the years.

We know the tools and processes that are required for optimal operation and maintenance of development environments.

With a wide range of tools, automated test and deployment tools that gently combine development and IT resources we create a sustainable IT supply chain.

Our Expertise:

  • Migration from Legacy to Cloud Environments
  • CI/CD System Setup
  • Security-Updates, Monitoring, Patch- und Incident-Management
  • DevOps/Release Life-Cycle Management
  • Operations and Maintenance of Cloud Systems

NovoCube enables you to start and use predefined CloudApps with just a few clicks. This allows innovations to be introduced quickly. Thanks to our know-how, you benefit from end-to-end integration with all possible extensions, be it IAM with LDAP or Active Directory, distributed logging, monitoring, tracing & APM and much more.


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