We demonstrate our competence with successful projects and satisfied customers. Convince yourself of our small selection of challenging projects to which we are particularly proud.

In the interest of our customers and for the sake of innovation protection, we limited ourselves to these success stories to mention only the respective sectors. We would be pleased to provide you with detailed references upon on request.

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High End Software Engineering

Industry: MedTech

Controller Software for CI/CD based infrastructure

Our customer, a leading international company, offers a comprehensive range of medical devices, implants and wireless communication solutions.

To ensure an efficient and modern CI / CD development environment, the customer needed a central controller software that provides good process support for the build and test infrastructure. In addition, the affected development and test teams are to be coordinated with regard to their issues, test cases and incidents on the platform and to show measures.

The application will provide up-to-date and consistent information to help embedded and web developers who share a common infrastructure. Data and states must be verified and automatic analysis of errors and corrections to the web infrastructure must be displayed.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Analysis and conception of the controller software
  • Implementation of the software and API design with C # / .Net and Python
  • Separation of deployment and configuration process with Jenkins (CI / CD)
  • Development of further tools for analysis, test automation and automated deployments

Industry: Public & Federal Administration

JAVA Web Application "European Information Exchange"

A Swiss federal authority had initialized the renewal of a complex system for the exchange of information between the European Member States, with the technical challenge being the extensive features and links to other systems at the federal, cantonal and EU level. Together with other well-known consulting companies, Novotec successfully supported the project up to the live stage.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Design and GUI development
  • JEE Basis and the GWT framework
  • Support in requirements engineering
  • Architecture consulting, design and review
  • Collaboration with the test team

Industry: MedTech

C# / .NET based analysis and control software for Medtec laboratory devices

A leading international manufacturer of medical diagnostic devices needed a desktop application to market your devices, which is connected to various laboratory instruments via a local network, thus monitoring and analyzing data from patients, donors and medical samples. Above all, the application had to measure the daily test activities and processes, data on deviations and the complex relationships according to the Industrial Best Practice guidelines "OCD" and display them as an activity diagram.

In addition, Novotec enhanced the application with an additional feature that greatly improved the management of multiple live lab instruments for remote monitoring, remote maintenance, and lab tests. Novotec integrated the device-specific information and error messages as clear tasks into the TFS environment. In this way, the factors of quality control were visualized in a clear and simple manner and the quality of reliability tests were constantly monitored and improved.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Requirements Engineering and Process Analysis
  • Software development "Frontend" with C # / .Net 4.0 Framework
  • Development of TFS-based reporting tools "WPF"
  • Testing Engineering and Verification acc. OCD standards
  • Method according to agile methodology "Scrum" and Blackbox Testing

Industry: Service Industry

Development of an Enterprise CMS "Sitecore" with C # / ASP.Net

The customer is the second largest travel and tourism group in Switzerland, which has approximately 2 million API calls per day on their web platforms. The entire system is represented by various window services and is highly business critical. The order mainly involved the development of various legacy API projects for partner portals with booking data.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Development of the CMS "Sitecore with C # / ASP.Net
  • Responsible for logging & service monitoring
  • Operation & maintenance of the platform

Industry: Financial & Insurance Services

Development of a modern B2C web platform with focus on Angularjs

In the course of the continuous technology development and the changing customer requirements, and particularly the online behavior, our client has set itself the goal of resolving current and future expectations as best as possible. To this end, the customer decided to introduce Angular JS as a new front-end technology, which had to be connected and interacted with the existing Java backend. The project was considered to be a pilot and should, after successful implementation, replace the older JSF Framworks as well as create the basis for new developments with Angular.

Novotec successfully accompanies the customer with a team of front and backend developers, using Scrum as project methodology, to the planned going live.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Design and analysis of the front-end solution with Angular JS
  • Architecture and service definition between GUI and Middle Tier
  • Frontend implementation, bugfixing, testing and documentation
  • Backend implementations with Java / JEE and unit testing
  • Technical project management and coordination between GUI and backend team

Industry: Financial & Insurance Services

Digitale Transformation “Key Partnerships” mit Angular 4+ & Springboot

Die rasante Entwicklung des Internets schafft kontinuierlich neue Geschäftsmodelle für Konsumenten und Geschäftskunden, die traditionelle Wege immer weiter fraglich erscheinen lassen. Kundennähe, time to market und die ständige Erreichbarkeit von überall zu jederzeit erfordern zeitgemässe Anpassungen bestehender Business Modelle.

Bei diesem Projekt beabsichtigte unser Kunde die Entwicklung einer Single Page Applikation zur automatischen Interaktion mit seinen strategischen Partnern in einem end-to-end Service Prozess. Die eingegebenen Informationen werden dabei laufend verifiziert. Allfällige Fehlermeldungen werden dem Benutzer sofort gemeldet. Nach Abschluss der Datenerfassung wird automatisch
ein Vertragsabschluss angestossen.

Die Anwendung beinhaltet ein generische Architektur, damit verschiedene Dienstleistungstypen verarbeitet werden können. Darüber ermöglicht das MVC orientierte opens source Framework dem Kunden eine hohe Indizierung mit Google bei Suchanfragen mit unterschiedlichen Browsern für seine Angebotsspektrum. Neben beeindruckender User Experience ergeben sich weitere Vorteile
wie z.B bei der Testbarkeit, Code-Komplexität und den kurzen Implementierungszyklen.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Analyse und Anforderungsmanagement
  • Konzeption und Solution Design
  • Frontend Entwicklung mit Angular 4, HTML5 und RxJS
  • end-to-end Testing mit Protractor/Karma

Industry: Industry & Production

.NET 4.5 based analysis, test and control software for metrology

The customer, a Swiss industrial company specializing in the manufacture of semiconductor products, has to develop components in a production and monitoring system based on .Net 4.5. to produce new products in harmony with their processes.
For this purpose, tools are to be developed that automatically lead to test measurements from various process stages (multithreading), verify selected components and generate reporting for the entire end process.
Specific Novotec services:

  • Requirements Workshop and coordination of the implemented feature with Business
  • Implementation of the software with C # /. Net 4.5 with SQL Server and LINQ to SQL
  • Architecture Design and Interfaces Implementation to DUTs
  • Test automation for controlling and measuring the components

Management Consulting

Industry: Energy Industry

Consolidation and turnaround at ongoing operation at the infrastructure level

Novotec took over the strategic project "Domain Consolidation", which was in a critical situation as part of the forthcoming IT infrastructure outsourcing project.

The project aims to consolidate and decommission all obsolete and outdated products and non-productive Active Directory domains, as well as the migration and shutdown of several hundreds of infrastructure, business applications and network components of the Group. Most business applications are highly available and extremely business-critical. They guarantee the smooth Swiss electricity production and delivery and therefore require a maximum sense of responsibility.

Novotec took over the personnel and professional management of the project with more than 90 business key users and more than 60 application managers and ensured a successful turnaround during ongoing operations. As a result, the migration as well as the basis for the outsourcing project was successfully implemented with a predetermined budget.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Conception, planning and management of transnational migration
  • Technical analysis and consolidation of the Exchange 2010 infrastructure
  • Consolidate all user accounts to a single AD domain
  • Project management and professional management of the system engineering teams
  • Deputy program management and management of the Steering Committee
  • Project controlling and reporting as well as reporting to CIO
  • Quality, risk and change management

Industry: Logistic & Transport

Business Analyse für neues Vertriebssystem ZPS

Mit dem Programm «Zukünftiges Preissystem öV Schweiz» (ZPS) wurde das neue technologische Fundament für die zukünftige Vertriebslandschaft geschaffen.

ZPS verfolgte dazu die folgenden drei Zielsetzungen:

Ablösung und Erneuerung der aus heutiger Sicht veralteten Verkaufssysteme aus den 90er Jahren.
Die aus Kundensicht nahtlose Verknüpfung der Fahrausweise von Direktem Verkehr und Tarifverbünden
Ermöglichung einer Preisdifferenzierung nach Strecken im Normaltarif zur marktverträglichen Verbesserung der Nutzerfinanzierung.

Die neuen Systeme, die sogenannte öV-Plattform, sollen von allen Transportunternehmen und den Tarifverbünden genutzt werden. Dadurch entstehen Einsparungen und vorhandenes Synergiepotential kann besser genutzt werden.

Mit Datenbanken, die von allen Transportunternehmen mit der neuen öV-Schnittstelle genutzt werden können, wird es möglich sein, den Kundinnen und Kunden überall
einheitliche Serviceleistungen anzubieten. Die grösste Herausforderung war die Integration der neuen öV-Plattform in die bestehende Systemarchitektur der TU und Tarifverbünde, in der Novotec ebenfalls mitwirkte.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Abstimmung der umzusetzenden Anforderungen mit Product Owner und Business
  • Anforderungen in User-Stories erstellen und reviewen der Testfälle in JIRA & HP Quality-Center.
  • User-Stories in Endzustands-Dokumente (Klassendiagramme/Objektmodelle) bringen, die jeweils ein Subsystem beschreiben
  • Ansprechpartner für Entwickler und Test Engineers zu Spezifikationen
  • Testen der umgesetzten Requirements und erfassen von Defects

Industry: Logistic & Transport

A sustainable architecture suitable for the new corporate strategy

The business and software architecture of a well-known corporation with more than 20,000 transport and logistics employees had grown over the years to great complexity and confusion, which is why the main focus of the project was to split existing and closely intertwined applications in the various business areas To minimize the dependencies, but primarily to replace the legacy systems and to create the basis for the integration of new business services. Novotec solved this challenge in spite of the hardship that new features were constantly added and a live release took place every six months.
Specific Novotec services:

  • Requirement and code analysis
  • Design and modeling the interfaces for the respective applications
  • Determination of the refactoring potentials and dependencies as well as the effects
  • Risk analysis and cost estimation

Application Lifecycle Management

Industry: Public & Federal Administration

Middleware Support for 30,000 users

When different institutions have to access central applications permanently, the development of these applications requires the use of these applications over their entire life cycle.

In a specific case, more than 30,000 users of different public administration facilities must be able to access more than 150 web applications at any time. Novotec ensures the smooth operation of the SSO portal, as well as all related applications and services, and is also responsible for setting up, running and maintaining JEE middleware applications on Unix / Linux platforms.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Incident management within Incident Management
  • Implementation of adaptations (releases, patches) within the framework of change management
  • Creation and maintenance of shell scripts for deployment and automation
  • Responsible for application monitoring and alarming (service level reporting)

Industry: Financial & Insurance Services

DevOps Consulting zur standortübergreifenden Harmonisierung

Unser Kunde, eine renommierte Versicherungsgesellschaft verfügte über unterschiedliche Anwendungsdeployment Prozesse an verschiedenen Standorten. Mit automatisierten Deployment Prozessen soll zur Harmonisierung und Optimierung beigetragen werden, die als Basis für den zukünftigen Outsourcing Provider erforderlich sind. Neben der Analyse und Weiterentwicklung des Release Prozesses sind für die interne Entwicklungs- und Testabteilung entsprechende Arbeitspakete zu definieren und Vorbereitungen für die spätere Übergabe zu treffen.

Specific Novotec services:

  • Analyse und Dokumentation der bestehenden Deployment & Release Prozesse
  • Erarbeitung von Lösungsvorschlägen zur Implementation von automatisierten Deployment Prozessen
  • Umsetzung der Applikations Deployment Prozesse mit Linux, Jenkins, Chef, Openshift und Harvest
  • Erstellung eines Target Operation Models mit dem Outsourcing Provider sowie Übergabe an internes DevOps- und Testingteam