The most important foundation and therefore a prerequisite for successful implementation of IT-driven business processes is business analysis.

We start with a careful analysis of your company, examine how it works and the way in which your products and services are used by different stakeholders. We deal with the identification, design, documentation, implementation, control and improvement of business processes. The key question is: who does what, when, how and what?

Our Expertise:

  • Identification of Stakeholders

    Workshop-based interviews to identify stakeholders and stakeholders

  • Process Analysis

    Analysis of business processes, actors and assigned business transactions, determination of task types and interactions, identification of further business rules as decision logic in processes

  • Process modeling and documentation

    Modeling the notations with UML or BPMN 2.0, refining the processes, adding data elements, information flows and different task types, natural language documentation in the glossary or catalog

  • Process Optimization

    Identification, meaning and definition of optimization potentials based on analyzes and notations

  • Risk Management

    Identifying and analyzing risks, determining and prioritizing the occurrence probabilities and drawing up an action catalog

  • Technical Specifications

    Derivation and definition of IT-relevant requirements using business process modeling and documentation

Irrespective of the methodology used, it is important to understand, analyze and document the processes and requirements of the business in a suitable form. The results of the business analysis serve as a basis for architectural projects, process optimization or product development. At the interface between business and IT, we see it as our task to meet the requirements of the stakeholders.