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The basis for a successful cooperation is not only our professional competence. It is also based on the trust of our customers. We place emphasis on fair and partnership-based cooperation. That is why we work responsibly and transparently in order to achieve the highest level of satisfaction with our customers while avoiding potential conflicts. With modern tracking tools, we document all services exactly, so that project progress and costs can always be viewed and traced back. In this way, we meet our own high standards of transparent and partnership-based cooperation.

Collaboration Models

The framework conditions of our cooperation are divided into classic project contracts, advisory contracts and service-level agreements (SLAs).

The project contract is applied if we assume the entire project risk and complete the application at an agreed time. In doing so, we work independently in principle and carry out the project in self-ruling. The customer is responsible for the implementation of the deadlines and the determination of an internal product owner. Thanks to our agile approach and a previously specified requirements catalog, we can ensure you with running, extensible applications with high scalability. We also take on defined tasks as part of outtasking.

In the case of advisory contracts, we provide the customer with individual project specialists or teams who, under his authority, provide the relevant services on site. This form is often used for purely advisory mandates or complex projects where capacity bottlenecks exist or additional resources are required.

We offer the agreement of SLAs after delivery of a completed application or when a support contract for external software is accepted.


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