The organization of the IT landscape is of crucial importance for the long-term success of a company.

Over time, the application landscape of most companies is evolving. The increasing complexity is often created by the implementation of new technologies and applications, by corporate fusions and acquisitions, new business requirements or necessary strategy adjustments. High dependencies hardly allow new orientations. As a result, complexity and maintenance costs are also increasing. We would like to demonstrate that this is not an automatism. We help you to reduce costs with standardization and consolidation on the various architectural levels.

Our Expertise:

  • Design and implementation of enterprise architectures (EA) according to TOGAF appropriate consulting
  • Design and implementation of service-oriented architectures (SOA) with appropriate consulting
  • Review, optimizing and consolidation of sophisticated business architectures
  • Business-oriented application integration and replacement of legacy systems

We provide you the knowledge of the relationships between business strategy and business processes in a standardized architecture environment and thus facilitate the integration of future applications.

Our Approach:

  • Process analysis as well as design and development of services as a core element for SOA
  • System analysis (OS, middleware, DB, server etc.) and definition of interfaces
  • Modeling with tools such as. UML, OOD, Sparx Enterprise Architect, or Together Architect
  • Design of interface, integration and messaging functions (SOAP, XML)
  • Integration and adaptation of existing services and protocols
  • SW Architecture with data, persitenz, process and presentation-layer
  • Implementation of Java-EE-Technologies (EJB, JPA, JSP, JMX, Servlets, Swing etc.)

By combining different standard services, it is also possible to implement complex business processes. In order to logically link the communication among distributed systems with different data formats, we use intermediate ESB systems. In this way, cross-platform communication with different applications, systems and services is ensured and flexibly called-up.

With our consulting approach, we support them in the design and implementation of a consistent architectural environment. Our value contribution means cost reduction, efficiency improvement, flexibility in software development and the integration of new applications.