Sitecore - The tailor-made marketing CMS for strong competitive advantages!

We offer you an individual solution with Sitecore, tailored to your corporate objectives. This includes a CMS, which includes modern marketing tools and allows your customers to experience unique experiences through a variety of channels and devices.

Do you know your customers?

The times when a website was just a digital brochure is long gone. With today's tools you can segment customers in realtime, almost down till the individual user. Internet marketing is becoming increasingly important in the growing displacement competition and it goes far beyond SEO. Knowing customers, analyzing behaviors and showing relevant content is the key to success in today's e-commerce world.

You can not only validate your marketing campaigns, but also start tailored campaigns to specific customer segments and provide insightful analysis results about your customers. The technology has been around for a long time, but in the past it was usually very complex and high skilled developers were needed to implement ideas. Thanks to products like Sitecore, these obstacles are reduced to a minimum.

Why Sitecore?

Sitcore helps you to increase sales, with different brands and target groups, through contextual and personalized results in each channel.

In addition to context and experience, Sitecore, in contrast to alternative solutions, can be flexibly aligned with your processes. There are significant advantages for the entire organization, from marketing professionals, authors to developers and system administrators. Sitecore is becoming more popular in Europe and the USA. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the 3rd time consecutive in the top place at 'Ability to execute'. For more information about Sitecore:

What does it offer for the marketing department?

With the Sitecore Experience Manager, campaigns and changes to the e-commerce site can be done without having to involve developers. You can implement your ideas directly without any technical know-how. Let the changes support you with numbers by performing A / B or multivariate tests. Thanks to the Experience Editor you can always view your page from the perspective of your customer.

  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Individually designed for segments and target groups
  • Validation possibilities with tests
  • Excellent analytical results

Use integrated Analytics data to find and apply your customer segments. For example, you can start with a newsletter campaign for different customer segments and combine it with A / B tests. See how the customer reacts to mails, their navigation behavior on the page (Path Analyzer), and you can use the Page Analyzer to find out why certain pages are visited less frequently or more frequently.

Further marketing functions:

  • A / B and multivariate tests
  • Personalization
  • Path Analyzer
  • Profiles of each visitor
  • Automatic Engagement

What does it offer to the authors?

With the modern page editor you can create and edit your pages directly in the end-user view. The portal can be adapted individually for all roles of your company. Depending on the role, the users, whether a marketing specialist, author or developer, see different views.

As a CMS, Sitecore is equipped with the usual features:

  • content creation
  • Multilingual
  • Multisite
  • User & Security Management
  • Page Editor (including Experience Editor)
  • Workflows

What does it offer to the developers?

With Sitecore, the development always begins on a green field. But not for everything, because an administration portal is there from the beginning. That means in plaintext: every business need can be covered. They are not boundaries to fixed processes in the application. Compared to other CMS products, this feature is one of the biggest advantages.

  • Flexibility for your own processes
  • Established Microsoft technology
  • Simple scaling & fit for cloud
  • Powerful API

Technologically Sitecore is based on .NET / C #. According to Stack Overflow, .NET is one of the top 5 most popular programming languages in the world and has a great community / acceptance. The Sitecore API is very effective and easy to use, which in turn allows fast integration.

Sitecore Component Architecture:

Your advantages with Novotec as technology partner

It is important for us to offer you the best solution for your business. To achive this goal, we take up your Requirements within the framework of a workshop and show you the most effective path for your organization. The solution is then implemented by means of agile programming cycles. With the use of modern project management tools, you're always up to date and can introduce change requests at short terms.

  • Designated Sitecore Developers and .NET/C# expertise
  • Use of agile methods (Scrum / TDD)
  • Accompanying migrations
  • Sitecore Consulting

With our experience in demanding customer projects, we are able to help you integrate Sitecore safely and quickly.

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