As a counterpart to complex SOA-based BPM solutions, we offer flexible BPA solutions for operational purposes, which are aimed at efficiency improvement and cost savings.

This makes it possible to support and relieve various departments, such as HR, Procurement, Marketing, Sales or Management. The goal is to automate certain business processes in order to increase the focus on core competences.

Our tools are characterized by high usability as well as system compatibility and flexibility with regard to adaptation and further development. This makes them ideal for both large and small businesses.

Our Approach:

  • Detailed analysis of the business process
  • Visually supported design of the software solution
  • Cost-effective implementation using web-based rapid development technology
  • Integrating features to monitor and trace processes

Software solutions should adapt to business logic. It is often the case that companies are deliberately or unconsciously aligning their business processes with existing enterprise standard solutions due to high costs and the elaborate customizing.

With the use of modern open-source technologies, flexible software is at your disposal, while at the same time you save license costs.

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