After prior evaluation and requirements assessment, we do the maintenance, the change management and the support for the systems we create or your existing business applications.

Our range of services in the ALM are supporting as well as supplementary additional services. This makes our services relevant to the implementation and maintenance of consistent solutions in software engineering, architecture or business process management.


With the final subprocess of software development, the support, we cover the entire lifecycle of the applications by project end. After prior evaluation and performance definition, we take care of maintenance, change management as well as support for the systems we have developed or for your existing business applications. To this end, we rely on our three-stage support model with defined service levels. If required, we support them directly in the field of application.

Enterprise Infrastructure

The infrastructure is of great importance in the construction of architectures and in the applications work on them. With our experience in dealing with complex infrastructures, we know the challenges in operating systems, networks, zoning concepts, middleware, servers and databases. In this way, we can provide you with reliable support in setting up and maintaining efficient infrastructure environments: from planning to project management to technical implementation. A lean infrastructure simplifies the integration of other systems, simplifying complexity and reducing IT spending.


Parallel to the implementation and commissioning of business applications or infrastructure environments, particular attention is paid to safety requirements. Complex IT infrastructures, underlying processes and applications can only be reliably maintained if hazards and risks are identified and appropriate security measures are taken. A comprehensive IT security analysis and an IT security concept based on it are the standard of every company.

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