IT systems - whether on the application or infrastructure level - can only be safely operated if appropriate safety precautions are in place to counteract hazards and risks.

Just as innovations require patent protection, technical IT security concepts are needed in order to prevent economic damage, for example by hacker attacks or corporate espionage.

We help you protect your innovations. To this end, we analyze the weaknesses and threat potentials of your IT landscape, advise you on the different security topics and, if desired, create a tailor-made IT security concept.

Our Expertise:

  • Consultancy on system security for software and architecture with risk assessments
  • Cryptography and modern encryption methods
  • Risk analyzes for single-sign-on (SSO) portals
  • Development of IT security management and infrastructure analysis
  • Network security with redundant firewalls, proxies and VPN
  • Create, Review, and Customize Group Policies Objects (GPO)
  • Security updates, monitoring, patch and incident management

When developing software components, security requirements are self-evident to us. They are taken into account in the development process as well as in the software architecture. IT security is therefore frequently discussed in the underlying infrastructure level (client, networks, DB), as well as partially at the middleware level.

We have many years of experience in the various areas of computer science, such as software engineering, architecture, databases or networks. From the outset, we bring the necessary expertise to design and implement modern safety solutions.