After the end of a project, we provide you with full support services for the application.

If it is not a customer project, we can takeover the hosting on a dedicated server in Switzerland at their terms. During the usual working hours on working days (Mon.-Fri, 9 am-5pm) we take over the maintenance of the server software as well as the application.

Service Range:

  • Ongoing security updates of the server software and the application
  • Monthly upgrades of server software and application
  • 24/7 monitoring of the availability of servers with SMS notification

In order to ensure long-term maintenance and further development of the application, the necessary know-how is documented and distributed among several employees within one business area. Thus the necessary knowledge is available to you in the long term and the dependencies of individual persons can be reduced.

During maintenance and further development, you have a technical SPOC as a contact person who plans, directs, and co-ordinates the ongoing work with third parties, e.g with the data center of the customer.

I. - Production assurance

  • Problem management
  • Ensuring productive operation for the operator
  • System Administration
  • Ensuring 1st and / or 2nd level support for the user side

II. – Maintenance

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Analysis and troubleshooting, bugfixing and 3rd-level support
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Make necessary adjustments to the system due to technical changes, server and database utilization as well as optimizations

III. – Further Development

  • System optimization
  • Customizing and optimization of the existing system
  • New Features
  • Realizing new features within exiting system
  • New Subdomains
  • Extend the system around entire subsystems or interfaces