The requirements engineering is at the beginning of each project. This is the solid foundation for its successful development.

As a large number of people are involved in most projects, many wishes and needs of different stakeholders are often to be taken into account, which can sometimes be difficult to reconcile. This, on the other hand, requires methodological skills and, on the other hand, a great deal of diplomatic skill in order to reconcile the ideas of the individual stakeholders and to bring about corresponding compromises.

Our Expertise:

  • Stakeholder-Management and analysis

    Identification of stakeholders as well as target / actual analysis with the help of interviews and assessments

  • Requirements determination and documentation

    Requirements Recovery, documentation of functional and non functional requirements, recording usablity requirements (mock-ups), prioritizing the backlog, the sprint planning and the acceptance criteria, checking contradictions and redundancies

  • Requirements modelling

    Creation of technical specifications using UML, BPMN or use case modeling

  • Requirements Verification & Validation

    Review of specifications and eliminating errors with regard to uniqueness, consistency, completeness, feasibility and verifiability by means of prototypes or test case generation.

  • Requirements administration

    Manage requirements for traceability and reuse for change requests

Our pragmatic approach primarily ensures clearly structured requirements, takes into account change requests and at the same time reduces the test effort. By continuously documenting and maintaining the requirements, change requests are traceable and can be optimally utilized for further development.