In software engineering, there are often high discrepancies between the increasing system complexity and the usability.

With the increasing concentration on business logic and technical implementation, usability has been a problem. From marketing's point of view, the user interface (UI) often determines the success of a product. It is therefore all the more important to integrate the needs of end users into the development process. We usually meet the requirements in mock-ups or wireframes. On the basis of the detailed requirements we realize for you the technical implementation of the UI.

Our Expertise:

  • Development of UI-Prototypes

    Development of prototypes to verify and validate exact user requirements and test cases

  • Implementation of UI/Usability Designs

    Technical implementation according to customer requirements with predominantly proven .NET technologies

  • Optimizing UI-Designs

    Technical implementation of desired adaptations for mobile, tablet or desktop

Microsoft technologies such as .NET / C #, WPF, Silverlight, XAML, ASP.Net are used. In the area of usability, we rely on the development methods Scrum and Test-Driven Development to achieve fast feedback cycles, short development times and maximum satisfaction.

Our core competency is the technical implementation of usability subjects, which we have specialized in. For a professional user research or an appropriate user experience, we access to our UX partner network, if necessary.

If you are looking for a technically experienced partner for your usability requirements, you are exactly right with us.